Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hitting the Motherload

I've been a huge slacker. I've eaten several burgers, but there are two things have prevented me from posting a blog entry. My truly geeky friends will understand. I'm back now though! And I've decided not to post anything from more than a few weeks ago, so I guess I'll have to re-eat some good burgers. What a horrible life I have.

Time Destroyer #1

Time Destroyer #2


For my wife Liz's 30th birthday, we decided to stay up in Breckenridge, CO for a few days. Caitlin and Zach, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend, joined us up in the beautiful Rocky Mountains as well. A little shopping, snowboarding, dining, and hanging out was in order for the post-Christmas week. The first night we spent at the Blue River Bistro. I enjoy hard cheese, soft cheese, melty cheese, spicy cheese, cheesy jokes, and any other kind of cheese you can think of. Blue River Bistro had the best baked brie cheese I've ever eaten. The four of us devoured the brie faster than you could spot a North Face jacket in a ski town. The rest of dinner was good, but I think I could've happily scarfed down like three orders of baked cheesy goodness.

The next day, we were destined for Keystone. The snow hasn't been great so far this season, but a day with mediocre snow is better than a day on the couch. With several runs closed, we were forced to spend the majority of the day on only a few runs. After a few hours, it was time for a lunch beer and some chili, bread bowl included. Stuffed from our satisfying lunches, we went back to the mountain. Zach and I convinced Caitlin and Liz to give a blue run, Mozart, a shot. The result was that Caitlin's knee looked like she had a baseball lodged in it. Remember the mediocre snow comment? Ice sucks unless it has some kind of adult beverage poured on it.

With some thirty year old soreness and a baseball knee, we decided to take it easy the next day. We moseyed down to Main Street and walked around for a bit. Our lunch destination ended up being the Motherloded Tavern. This place is a cool, laid back bar with some good beer and good food. Everything they make is food you'd want after a good day on the mountain. I had a tough decision with their array of unique burgers, but I eventually decided on a Maui Wowie Burger. Zach went with the Pregnant Elvis Burger, and Caitlin's meal was hands down the best food on the table.

The Maui Wowie comes with grilled pineapple, ham, teriyaki glaze, and mozzarella cheese. I've had similar burgers at Red Robin and other places, but I've never had a burger with ham, and I'm not entirely certain I've had mozzarella on a burger either. I'm one of those weirdos that likes ham and pineapple on pizza, and I guess I'm one of those weirdos that likes ham and pineapple on burgers too. The Maui Wowie was pretty darned good. It was a bit overcooked, but I'm learning that I should expect that from most places. Maybe cooking a burger to medium is tougher than I realized.

In any case, I'd totally recommend this burger to anyone interested in trying. I also took a bite of the Pregnant Elvis that Zach ordered. You can probably guess what the main topping was for this burger considering what The King liked to eat. I've always been interested/frightened to try to a burger with peanut butter as one of the toppings, so it was fantastic that I could try a bite without risking my whole meal on the outcome. I am frightened no longer, and you can bet that I'll be ordering a peanut butter burger in the near future.

I said before that Caitlin had the best item on the menu. She ordered the Grilled PB&J, which sounds like it could be good. Well, the Motherloaded Tavern stepped it up by putting chips inside. Caitlin decided that a PB&J with chips was nonsense and asked if she could add bacon. The waitress perked up a bit and replied, "Absolutely." I thought the sandwich sounded intriguing, and Caitlin was enjoying the heck out of it. I took one bite and instantly decided that I must try to make this on my own. That sandwich was so freaking amazing that I'm surprised it's not on every menu on the planet.

The rest of the week was awesome. I only get to see Liz about once a month for a long weekend if I'm lucky. Spending a few weeks with her was the best gift I could receive during the holidays. I'll be in Florida to visit a few times over the next couple of months, so maybe I'll do an entry on the road...with bacon. Unfortunately, Liz hates bacon, so I guess I won't be trying her non-bacony food. I guess we're all weirdos about some kind of food.